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“We are the DTG. That stands for Dental Technicians Guild. We stand for specialty handmade esthetic dental restorations. I will call it a group, but I believe it is much more than that.


What is Damaged Goods?  It is a brand that we use to identify ourselves. Don’t take offense to the name Damaged Goods. It doesn’t have to mean something negative. We are all “Damaged” in some way. Everyone loves the name, and logo.  It’s a pirate flag that we wave. Nobody’s perfect, and everyone can be better.


I propose that we all band together in the name of high end, handmade, esthetic restorations,


The idea is this: Instead of hoarding all of our secrets and techniques, we give the information away freely to other like-minded technicians and dentists. […]”


Von Grow (the Founder)